The Five Freaky Indian Stereotypes In Hollywood Movies/TV!

I love watching Hollywood movies and US TV serials – No one can do sit-coms better than them. However there are some utterly bizarre and frankly ridiculous Indian stereotypes that I frequently notice in their movies and sit-coms. Here are the five things about Indians which I think that the American TV serials and movie makers have got completely wrong, no offense.

  1. What’s with the crass weddings?! – In most of the movies the Indian weddings are described as the assault on the senses by stupidly/outrageously dressed dark complexioned men and women dancing wildly with the elephants in the background. Reality check – These days Indian weddings have upgraded themselves quite a lot. There are luxury cars instead of elephants and destination weddings with amazing venues etc.apu
  2. It is commonly seen that all the Indian characters in English TV/movies have mustache (exclusively men), many times wear turban, are obese and have an extremely dark complexion. Ok reality check guys not all Indian origin individuals look like as if they have a bad case of tan!! Some of us do have a fair complexion sans the pasty part. Secondly not every one of us like bright fuchsia colors. Some of us do wear beige and light colors on wedding occasions.
  3. Indian music is not equivalent to Sitar instrumental fest! – Although Sitar is a beautiful musical instrument with calming sound yet contemporary Indian music also incorporates other western instruments like keyboard, guitar, drums etc. Also the Indian theme music should not be taken from the 40’s Bollywood era – The world is constantly updating so should the Hollywood Indian theme songs.
  4. The home décor of every Indian home does not look like a Rajasthan (India) themed shop in Delhi Haat (New Delhi, India). In fact most of the homes that you will visit in India do not have bright orange and yellow upholstery at all!!
  5. The “Indian Accent” – The way Indian characters in Hollywood movies and sit-coms speak the supposed Indian Accent cannot be recognized even by us Indians. Every country has an accent due to the mixing of the oral expression of the local dialects with the English language. However the actual Indian accent does not at all sound like what I have heard while watching my favourite American TV shows.

There are many other silly stereotypes prevalent in American TV nevertheless I love their concept and storylines. So happy watching!!


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